$928,909 Recovery in Forklift Accident Case

James D. Golkow and E. Merritt Lentz recently obtained a $928,909 recovery in a case involving a forklift accident. The client was part of a crew hired to move-in and install a trade show at a convention center in Reno, Nevada. The weather was cold, snowy, and icy, resulting in a slippery loading dock. While operating the forklift on the dock, the client lost control due to the slick conditions, and slid off the end of the dock sustaining serious injuries. Suit was filed against the ice-melt manufacturer (product liability), the convention center (over-application of the ice-melt), and the forklift supplier (failure to supply appropriate forklift). The case presented a significant challenge as the convention center had a statutory cap of damages at $75,000.